Cambridge City Council Leaders since re-organisation in 1973

June 1973Peter WrightParty lost control
May 1976John PowleyLost seat
May 1979Chris Gough-GoodmanParty lost control
May 1980Peter WrightVoted out by group
May 1982Chris HowardLost seat
May 1987Mark ToddRetired
May 1990Simon Sedgwick-JellRetired
October 1994Kevin SouthernwoodRetired
February 1999Ruth BagnallParty lost control
May 2000David HowarthRetired
July 2003Ian Nimmo-SmithRetired
May 2010Sian ReidRetired
May 2012Tim BickParty lost control
June 2014Lewis HerbertRetired
December 2021Anna SmithVoted out by group
May 2023Mike DaveyContinues

6 voted out by the electorate, 2 personally, 4 the party as a whole
2 voted out by own party councillors only
7 retired
1 continues in office

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