Cambridge City Elections since 1945 - Miscellaneous titbits

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Candidates who stood 7 or more times
Retiring Councillors standing for re-election
Independents and others elected
Candidates' success rates by party
Highest and lowest votes and winning percentages

Candidates who stood 7 or more times

NameElectedOut of
Arthur Arundale67
Colin Barker17
Eric Barrett-Payton212
Jeremy Benstead77
Geraldine Bird28
Andrew Blackhurst37
Kevin Blencowe79
Robert Boorman07
Andrew Bower09
Christopher Bradford88
Peter Burkinshaw013
Anthony Carter38
Alan Charlesworth48
John Clark07
John.B. Collins58
Evelyn Corder/Bradford010
Peter Cowell88
Nora David58
John Durrant67
Robert Dryden77
L.Keith Edkins012
Graham Edwards79
Vivian Ellis110
Herbert Finbow68
M.Joan Fitch28
Neil Ford08
Kevin Francis010
Leonard Freeman113
Dennis Fuller67
Ceri Galloway016
Maurice Garner67
Stephen George210
Jozef Gluza67
Jonathan Goodacre07
Chris Gough-Goodman611
Timothy Haire010
William Hardesty48
Colin Havercroft07
Geoffrey Heathcock59
M.Enid Henn77
John Hipkin913
Doris Howe79
John.N. Hughes812
John Ionides07
Rhodri James39
A.James Johnson47
Janet Jones99
Clarissa Kaldor69
Ian Kidman49
Stephen Lawrence020
Gwyneth Lipstein58
Robert May79
Shapour Meftah112
Ian Miller07
Sidney Miller37
Shayne Mitchell015
Simon Mitton012
O.M.Wendy Nicol37
Andrew Paton08
Sarah Peake07
Hugh Percival38
Peter Pope018
John Powley78
George Reid48
Richard Reilly512
Colin Rosenstiel1012
Joye Rosenstiel79
Paul Sales37
Michael Sargeant19
Josef Schicker713
Simon Sedgwick-Jell49
Philippa Slatter411
Catherine Smart512
Richard Smith77
Pamela Stacey07
James Strachan121
Terence Sweeney77
Amanda Taylor79
Ann Tweed19
Albert Watts012
Elaine Wheatley611
Kevin Wilkins28
Margaret Wright120
Peter Wright1212
Robert Wright77
Thomas Yates08
(excluding pre-1973 County Council candidacies)
Times stoodNo. Candidates
More than 1022

1139 candidacies successful out of 3364

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Retiring Councillors standing for re-election:

(excluding pre-1973 County Councillors)

593 successful out of 743 attempts (80%)

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Independents and others elected

William BarkerIndNewnhamNovember 1964
William BarkerIndNewnhamApril 1967
Lady BraggIndNewnhamNovember 1945
Lady BraggIndNewnhamNovember 1947
Stewart BullIndPetersfieldNovember 1946
Stewart BullI.CPetersfieldNovember 1947
Rev.Victor DixonIndSt Matthew'sNovember 1966
George EdwardsIndEast ChestertonNovember 1946
Anne FarmerIndEast Chesterton No.1September 1964
Anne FarmerIndEast Chesterton No.1April 1967
Elisabeth HarlandIndMarketNovember 1964
Elisabeth HarlandIndMarketApril 1967
Elisabeth HarlandIndMarketApril 1970
Robert HensherI.CMarketMay 1954
John HipkinIndCastleMay 2008
John HipkinIndCastleMay 2012
John HipkinIndCastleMay 2013
John HipkinIndCastleMay 2016
Marie-Louise HollandIndCastleMay 2014
Arthur LoftsIndMarketNovember 1945
Arthur LoftsIndMarketMay 1949
Howard MallettIndCastleNovember 1945
Francis PriestIndNewnhamNovember 1945
Margaret ReissIndMarketMay 1978

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Candidates' success rates by party

(excluding pre-1973 County Councillors)

Social Democratic74516
Liberal Democrat23149547

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Highest vote:

2906Elsa Meyland-SmithLDmNewnhamMay 1997

Lowest vote:

15M.L.Patrice GladwinNLPRomseyMay 1995

Highest winning percentage:

95.7%Harold De Ste CroixConWest ChestertonMay 1955

Lowest winning percentage:

27.7%Oscar GillespieGreMarketMay 2015

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Majorities under ten

Castle4November 1945Ind
Cherry Hinton3November 1945Lab
St Matthew's6November 1947Con
Cherry Hinton7May 1953Con
East Chesterton No.16September 1964Ind
Abbey No.19April 1970Lab
Arbury No.15April 1970Lab
Market5May 1970Lib
Market7May 1976Con
Petersfield5May 1976Con
East Chesterton6May 1980Con
West Chesterton1May 1982Lib
Newnham4May 1986Lab
Market7May 2015Gre
Trumpington4May 2018Lab

Lowest majority

1West ChestertonMay 1982

Highest majority

1918West ChestertonMay 1954

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